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We are an official HP Business Partner

HP printer repairs by IT Zone UK Limited. We are an official HP Business Partner and HP Authorised Reseller

Nationwide DesignJet & LaserJet repairs and servicing and for printer repairs and plotter repairs.


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HP Fusers, Drums and Transfer Kits with free delivery from Rightparts...

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HP Fusers ^ back to top
Part Code Printer
RG5-4448-030CN HP LaserJet 5si / 8000 Fuser
RG5-3463-040CN HP LaserJet 6L Fuser
RG5-4111-000CN HP LaserJet 6P / 6MP Fuser
RM1-0661-040CN HP LaserJet 1010/ 1012/ 1015/ 1018 Fuser
RM1-2087-000CN HP LaserJet 1020 Fuser
RM1-2050-000CN HP LaserJet 1022 Fuser
RG5-4590-040CN HP LaserJet 1100 Fuser
RM1-2337-000CN HP LaserJet 1160 / 1320 Fuser
RG9-1494-000CN HP LaserJet 1200 / 1220/ 1000W Fuser
RM1-0716-030CN HP LaserJet 1300 / 1150/ 1500 Fuser
RM1-4248-000CN HP LaserJet P2015 Fuser
RG5-4133-170CN HP LaserJet 2100 Fuser
RG5-5569-110CN HP LaserJet 2200 Fuser
RM1-0355-050CN HP LaserJet 2300 Fuser
RM1-1537-020CN HP LaserJet 2420 / 2430 Fuser
RM1-3741-000CN HP LaserJet P3005N Fuser
RM1-0866-000CN HP LaserJet 3015 / 3020/3030 Fuser
RM1-3045-000CN HP LaserJet 3050 Fuser
RG5-4681-000CN HP LaserJet 3100 / 3150 Fuser
RG5-4590-040CN HP LaserJet 3200 Fuser
RG9-1494-000CN HP LaserJet 3320 / 3330 Fuser
RM1-2076-030CN HP LaserJet 3380 Fuser
RG5-2662-500CN HP LaserJet 4000 / 4050 Fuser
RG5-5064-340CN HP LaserJet 4100 Fuser
RM1-0014-230CN HP LaserJet 4200 Fuser
RM1-0102-300CN HP LaserJet 4300 Fuser
RM1-1044-080CN HP LaserJet M/4345 Fuser
RM1-1083-070CN HP LaserJet 4250 / 4350 Fuser
RG5-5456-100CN HP LaserJet 5000 Fuser
RG5-7061-190CN HP LaserJet 5100 Fuser
RM1-2524-000CN HP LaserJet 5200 Fuser
RG5-6533-010CN HP LaserJet 8100 / 8150 Fuser
RG5-5751-210CN HP LaserJet 9000 / 9040/ 9050 Fuser
HP Colour Fusers ^ back to top
Part Code Printer
RG5-6913-000CN HP LaserJet 1500 / L / 2500 Colour Fuser
RG5-7573-110CN HP LaserJet 2550 / L Colour Fuser
RM1-1821-080CN HP LaserJet 2600 Colour Fuser
RM1-1829-030CN HP LaserJet 2605 Colour Fuser
RG5-7603-000CN HP LaserJet 2820 / 2840 Colour Fuser
RM1-2743-150CN HP LaserJet 3000 / 3600 / 3800 Colour Fuser
Q3656A HP LaserJet 3500 / 3550 / 3700 Colour Fuser
C4198A HP LaserJet 4500 / 4550 Colour Fuser
C9726A HP LaserJet 4600 Colour Fuser
Q3677A HP LaserJet 4650 Colour Fuser
Q7503A HP LaserJet 4700 / 4730MFP Colour Fuser
C9736A HP LaserJet 5500 Colour Fuser
Q3985A HP LaserJet 5550 Colour Fuser
C4156A HP LaserJet 8500 / 8550 Colour Fuser
C8556A HP LaserJet 9500 Colour Fuser
HP Transfer Kits ^ back to top
Part Code Printer
RM1-1885-020CN HP LaserJet 2600 Transfer Kit
RM1-1891-000CN HP LaserJet 2605 Transfer Kit
RM1-2759-090CN HP LaserJet 3000 / 3600 / 3800 Transfer Kit
Q3658A HP LaserJet 3500 / 3550 / 3700 Transfer Kit
C4196A HP LaserJet 4500 / 4550 Transfer Kit
Q3675A HP LaserJet 4600 Transfer Kit
Q3675A HP LaserJet 4650 Transfer Kit
Q7504A HP LaserJet 4700 / 4730MFP Transfer Kit
RG5-7737-110CN RG5-7737-110CN HP LaserJet 5500 Transfer Kit
RG5-7737-110CN RG5-7737-110CN HP LaserJet 5500 Transfer Kit
C4154A HP LaserJet 8500 / 8550 Transfer Kit
C8555A HP LaserJet 9500 Transfer Kit
HP Drums ^ back to top
Part Code Printer
C9704A HP LaserJet 1500 / L / 2500 Drum
Q3964A HP LaserJet 2550 / L Drum
Q3964A HP LaserJet 2820 / 2840 Drum
C4195A HP LaserJet 4500 / 4550 Drum
C4153A HP LaserJet 8500 / 8550 Drum
C8560A HP LaserJet 9500 Drum
C8561A HP LaserJet 9500 Drum
C8562A HP LaserJet 9500 Drum
C8563A HP LaserJet 9500 Drum


HP Fuser Kit Part Numbers as follows: RG5-0455-220CN RG5-0880-130CN RG5-1558-190CN RG5-1701-250CN RG5-4448-030CN RG5-3463-000CN RG5-4111-000CN RM1-0655-000CN RG5-4590-040CN RM1-1461-000CN RM1-0716-000CN RG9-1494-000CN RM1-1000-050CN RG5-4133-170CN RG5-5569-110CN RM1-0355-050CN RM1-1531-000CN RM1-0866-000CN RG5-4681-000CN RG5-2662-500CN RG5-5064-340CN RM1-0014-140CN RM1-0102-200CN RM1-1044-000CN RM1-1083-000CN RG5-5456-100CN RG5-7061-140CN RG5-6533-000CN RG5-5751-210CN RG5-6913-000CN RG5-7573-000CN RG5-7573-000CN Q3656A C4198A RG5-6517-110CN Q3677A C3969A C9736A C4156A C8556A HP Transfer Kit Part Number as follows: Q3658A C4196A Q3675A C3968A C9734B C4154A HP Drum Part Numbers as follows: C9704A Q3964A C4195A C3967A C4153A C8560A C8561A C8562A C8563A


We accept payment by MasterCard, Visa, Visa Debit, Switch and Solo. If you are looking for other items not on this list, please take a moment to complete the Contact Us form with full details of your requirement. A delivery charge of £9.95 plus VAT applies to all orders under £300 ex VAT. Delivery to UK only.

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